Bio: Aline is creatively charged to bring out the best in Reveille’s clients, whether she’s curating memorable wardrobes for interviews, commercial appearances, news segments, magazine and advertising spreads. From the iconic beaches of Brazil where she was raised, to the golden California coast she calls home, Aline has cultivated a passion for eclectic creative expression, culling cultural inspiration from her travels all over the world. Her exploration of the arts — drawing, photography, mosaics — led her to her true calling as a personal stylist. She’s earned dual accreditation as a stylist and personal stylist from the School of Style in Hollywood, California, and the Brazilian Institute, Senac-Rio, in Rio de Janeiro. But Aline’s talent is equally grounded in an art that can’t be taught — that of recognizing and appreciating the beauty of each unique individual.

Angels Wear Prada

Off-the-rack and on-the-rocks

2 oz Vodka
Pinch of brown sugar
3-4 Ripe strawberries
Muddle in glass
Add ice