Owner, Andre Niesing Photography

Bio: Andre’s favorite part of his job is gaining inspiration from good people, innovative design and life’s unpredictability. Whether snapping Reveille’s editorial photography, headshots, media features or campaign photography, he feels he’s pursuing his true calling, and one of life’s greatest rewards: transforming beautiful moments into unforgettable memories. It’s these small, yet pivotal bursts in time that make Andre tick – capturing the inspiration that will become next season’s fashion; forever freezing a crucial moment that’ll make waves on tomorrow’s cover story. With each click of the camera, he knows he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be.


Waiting for the moment

2 oz Scotch
2 oz Bourbon
1 oz Luxardo
1 oz Carpano Antica
Angostura Bitters
Stir up
Garnish with an orange twist