Public Relations Strategy Consultant

Bio: Having grown up in a quaint fishing community of only 2,500 residents on the U.S./Canadian border, Brenda knew she had even bigger fish to fry, leaving her small town to make a huge splash in the world of communications. She got her start in radio news, where she learned the power of compelling media firsthand, sparking her passion for public relations and public affairs. Ever since, she’s used the art of communication to make a meaningful impact. Her ingenuity and ambition have led her to create a number of national award-winning strategic communications programs for leading business and government organizations, which include hospitals, airports and water districts, among others. When she’s off the clock, you might find her unwinding with a glass of Chardonnay, indulging her obsession with indie films, cheering on the Washington Huskies or advocating for children with special needs.

The Real Deeley

Because we wouldn’t let her put a straw in a Chardonnay bottle

4 oz Chardonnay
1 oz Lime
1 oz Simple syrup
Shake/strain/no ice
Garnish with cucumber