Founder & CEO

Bio: It’s no wonder Brenda named the agency Reveille. After all, she’s spent 17 years waking up brands, the media and consumers. Her globe-trotting adventures in communication leadership started at Skid Row, where she helped Los Angeles Mission use young Hollywood to raise awareness about homelessness. She zigzagged through North America, crossed the pond and rambled east to rouse action sports fans in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. She dipped into South America to kick off Etnies’ global give-back program for youth and launched product collections in New York, Paris, London and beyond. Never one to hit snooze, Brenda caffeinated up in 2010 to create Reveille, establishing Costa Mesa as the company’s headquarters to ensure that they were in the cross section of culture, commerce and conversation for emerging brands, local leaders and international powerhouses.


Big-Time Brendo

Go big or go bigger.

¾ oz Aged bourbon
¾ oz Apple brandy
¼ oz Rum
¼ oz Chartreuse
1tsp Cinnamon syrup
1tsp Simple syrup
Large Cube
Orange Twist