Foxhound, Director

Bio: From car chases, to shoot outs, to daredevils jumping out of planes –  he’s shot it all. Jonathan Thompson channels his ingenuity as owner and lead creative at Foxhound Productions – a co-op of filmmakers and storytellers who strive to weave a brand’s message into its very fabric. Some of his most memorable experiences on the job include shutting down bustling Los Angeles streets, racing mopeds around the deserts of Baja Mexico, and even working with skydivers to defy gravity. When he’s not pulling on the heartstrings of global audiences through large-scale commercials, documentaries, and everything in between, you might find him watching his favorite movie — Rocky. He loves the thought of working relentlessly to stretch the bounds of what’s possible, something that fuels him everyday.

The Fox Hunt

Just enough BAC to BTS

Drink ingredients:
Bucket of Coronas
Pop the top
Add lime
*beach not included