Art Director

Bio: Juan likes to stay low-key – that is, until he’s turned loose on design project and that’s when the magic happens. Juan creates dynamic visuals, innovative strategies and out-of-this-world concepts for brand identity and campaigns. He has spearheaded a full-scale redesign and relaunch for the Moscow Copper Co. (inventor of the Moscow Mule) and created campaigns for Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Converse and Vans. As an Art Director, his passion and energy flow through his work to form design experiences that our clients can’t get enough of. He loves poker, classic Nintendo games and cheering on the L.A. Lakers. Oh, and he’s undefeated in Connect4. Challenge him if you dare.


Can’t have just Juan

2 oz Rittenhouse Rye
1 tbsp Blackberry Jam
¾ oz Lemon
¾ oz Averna Amaro
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 dash Orange Bitters

Shake all ingredients, double strain, rocks glass
Garnish with three blackberries (w/ a pick)