Account Assistant

Bio: Hailing from British Columbia, our very own Minnie – that’s Julia’s given forename – is a social media ringmaster juggling conversations and content to keep clients top of mind and top of their game. She can translate big-picture ideas into 140 characters and connect clients with social media trends faster than you can say “Snapchat.” Best yet, Julia is the social, talking, swiping-right personification of “Walking on Sunshine.” She’ll make you feel good with her can-do attitude and mastery of all things that matter with digital communications. Julia also has the chops to organize and lead – skills picked up in college as president of the student government association.

Julia Drink

Simply Sunshine

A little bit goes a long way

2 oz Gin
1.5 oz club soda
1 oz lime
1 oz simple syrup
Cucumber ribbons/mint