Senior Art Director

Bio: If you get the sense you’re sitting down at your favorite café reading a magazine when you see Luke’s work, you’re probably right. He joined us after heading up the creative direction of five magazines and overseeing an art department of seven creative types. He may have even designed that chair you’re sitting on, as Luke started his career designing 3-D furniture. It’s no wonder why we rely on him to lead our creative team with depth, perspective and detail. Luke excels at transforming creative vision into powerful visual strategies – much like the 3-D models he once designed – and bringing them to life online and in print.

lukes drink

The Cutting Room Floor

Bourbon: Making revisions feel better since 1789.

2 oz Bourbon
1 oz Lemon juice
½ oz Simple syrup
½ oz Ginger syrup
Rocks/lemon twist with paprika